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Dynamic Content for B2B Websites

Dynamic Content for B2B Websites

Show personalised website content automatically depending on which company visits your website.

Change content according to visitors

With the IP2C Wordpress PlugIn, you can dynamically
change all the content of your website
characteristics of your B2B visitors.

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Adapt content to Industries

Present website content appropriate
to the visitor’s industry and 
increase your conversions.


Adapt texts to company sizes

Select suitable texts based on
the size of the visitor’s company
for your website.


Align content with campaigns

Select suitable content that matches,
for example, your current Google,
Bing or newsletter campaign.

Über die Funktionen

Sales to revenue classes

Select the appropriate employee as the
contact person for the identified
turnover class of the visitor.


Adapt content to industries

Present content appropriate to the industry
of the visitor on your website and
increase your conversions.


Texts according to company size

Select suitable texts based on the size
of the visitor’s company
for your website.


Sales to revenue classes

Select the appropriate employee as the
contact person for the identified
turnover class of the visitor.


IP TO CONTENT Key Features


Change content dynamically on the website


Track company names and industries via the website


Analyse number of visitors and companies

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Account Based Marketing on a whole new level with IP2C.


Dynamic Content through IP2C

Show your website visitors the content that fits their industry! With IP TO CONTENT, you recognise the visitor’s industry and are thus able to adapt content such as texts or images to the visitor’s industry in real time. Through targeted addressing, you increase attention and improve your conversion rate.


Change content dependent on UTM-Parameter

With UTM parameters, you change the content of your website based on different campaigns or keywords from e.g. Google Ads or Bing Ads.
This function is included free of charge in the IP2C Wordpress PlugIn. We will be happy to support you in setting it up.


Account Based Marketing

Use dynamic website content for your account-based marketing.  Convince selected companies of your offer through website content that is strategically tailored to them. 

Present different industries or even individual companies with targeted, individual price lists or offers on your website – based on the company names recognised by IP2Content. This way you automatically increase your turnover and reduce the effort of your sales processes.

Dynamic Content in three steps

Dynamic Content in 3 Steps


Select B2B
target groups


Define dynamic


Show dynamic


Analyse the companies on your website

The analysis tool evaluates and displays all recognised companies and the number of rules met. Which rules are called most frequently and how many tokens are still available to you are displayed in real time in the dashboard.

IP TO Content Attributes

Choose between 6 different IP2C attributes to customise the content of your website.



Show different images on your website depending
on the recognised industry
of your website visitors.



Display the contact details of the responsible sales representative depending on the tracked country or even the visitor’s postcode.

Company Names

Company Names

Increase the impact of your account-based marketing strategies by tailoring your website content to specific company names.



Auto-fill forms with the visitor’s domain name
or integrate it into texts to create
a stronger impact in your message.

Revenue Classes

Revenue Classes

Adjust your own price offers depending on the determined company turnover of the visitor and thereby increase your own turnover automatically.

Company Size

Company Size

Change the size or quantity information of your products as soon as you have found out how many employees the visitor’s company has.

Individualise your website content

With the intuitive graphical interface, you can define different target groups and assign them to the desired content. Use the familiar Wordpress blocks to create content and create multiple rules for a page for maximum customisation.


The WiredMinds Support
is here for your needs.


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